Meeting Info

These are the meetings that have been set up so far. These meetings are intended to run during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meetings will start Thursday 3/19. Zoom sessions will open 15 minutes before the meeting time.

Service opportunity, please check out a meeting and then volunteer to chair! Calendar You can contact us at

Short version of how to use Zoom: Click on the meeting link.  Zoom will help you set everything up and take you to the meeting.  More detailed setup info: How to use Zoom Video     You can also dial in with just a phone. See below for phone instructions.

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4th Tradition: M, Tues, Thurs group Venmo @fourth-dimension

Another 7th Tradition idea: put the money in a jar and bring it to the in-person meeting when we they start back.

NOTE: Zoom now requires a password if you’re using the ID or old link. The passwords are all 16462. For security there’s also a “waiting room”. A host will have to let you in.

If you would like updates, in case meeting info changes again, please send an email to

MeetingDay/TimeMeeting Link
(includes password)
Meeting IDPassword
Laurel Church Mon.Monday 6PMMonday Link810-585-97916462
Laurel Church Tues.Tuesday 11AM Tuesday Link375-746-05916462
Laurel Church Thurs.Thursday 11AMThursday Link656-384-69116462
Westminster Fri.Friday 11AMFriday Link195-596-35516462
Sequoyah Sat.Saturday 11AMSaturday Link263-222-22016462

More East Tennessee Zoom Meetings

How to join by dialing in on your phone (no video):

1. Call (408) 638-0968  or  (646) 558-8656  (carrier rates will apply)
2. Enter the meeting ID number, followed by the pound sign, #, when prompted.
3. You will be asked to enter a participant ID.  Press # to skip this.
Full instructions here (scroll to the relevant section)

Anonymity Note: Zoom will show the name that you use to sign up. If you don’t want your last name shown, don’t enter it when you create your account. Alternatively, after you enter a Zoom session you can change your screen name. I have implemented recommended settings to preserve anonymity as much as possible. Just be aware that nothing on the Internet is every truly anonymous.

Resources for running the meeting: The Readings